OData-logo_biggerMy friend and Microsoft Developer Evangelist Jeff Blankenburg has done 3 “31 days” blog extravaganzas (Silverlight, Windows Phone and now Windows Phone Mango). After talking to Jeff, I think I am crazy enough to do one of these blog series myself and will be doing the 31 Days of OData in December. Each blog post will cover a topic in the OData protocol. I will not be covering the implementation of OData using a specific technology like WCF Data Services. These blog post will cover only the protocol itself and I hope to shed new light on the protocol for technologists in the community.

Wish me luck! (Maybe in January April 2012 I will do another 31 Days and cover Producing and Consuming OData topics.)

Date Title
December 1 Day 1: Background of OData
December 2 Day 2: Data Types in OData
December 3 Day 3: OData Entity Data Model
December 4 Day 4: Metadata in OData
December 5 Day 5: Addressing Entities in OData
Day 6: Addressing Links between Entities in OData
Day 7: OrderBy Query Option in OData
Day 8: Filter Query Option in OData
Day 9: Expand Query Option in OData
Day 10: Select Query Option in OData
Day 11: Top Query Option in OData
Day 12: Skip Query Option in OData
Day 13: Format Query Option in OData
Day 14: Inlinecount Query Option in OData
Day 15: Custom Query Options in OData
Day 16: Service Operations in OData
Day 17: Error Conditions in OData
Day 18: Return Formats in OData
Day 19: Versioning in OData
Day 20: Batch Processing in OData
Day 21: Retrieving Data in OData
Day 22: Creating Entities in OData
Day 23: Updating Entities and Entity Properties in OData
Day 24: Deleting Entities in OData
Day 25: Actions in OData
Day 26: Manipulating Links between Entities in OData
Day 27: AtomPub Return Format in OData
Day 28: Json Return Format in OData
Day 29: Vocabularies in OData
Day 30: Geospatial in OData
Day 31: The future of the OData Protocol

12 thoughts on “Announcing: The 31 Days of OData Blog Series

  1. Chris,

    Sounds greate to me. Writing a story now about Microsoft’s Codename “Social Analytics,” which delivers curated OData streams of Tweet metadata from the Windows Azure Marketplace DataMarket.



  2. Chris,
    In case you were concerned that no one was interested in more than 5 days of oData, I am….

    Our team has jumped on the oData bandwagon and we are using it to move data around the federal government.

    I’ll put in request to cover the topic of annotations in oData metadata. Specifically field descriptions. In looking around, it looks like this is a developing area so maybe a hint on the direction that we should follow in order to



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