Spectre_BUILD2015-500x357I had a great time at BUILD 2015 and I want to thank Microsoft for the laptop they gave to attendees (and press like myself). The HP Spectre x360 was a special build for the conference with the following spec:

  • 8Gb RAM
  • 128 Gb SSD
  • HD Touch Screen
  • Windows 8.1

The BUILD 2015 conference was a great event to get all the news on where Microsoft is going. They discussed Windows 10 and Visual Studio 2015 RC a lot. So what if you wanted Windows 10 on your new HP Spectre x360? You could always install Windows 10 on top of Windows 8.1 as an upgrade. I am usually not a fan of that path since I like a fresh new install. If you are OK with the upgrade just down the Windows 10 preview version 10074 and upgrade with Windows 8.1.

If you are like me and like that new fresh scented Windows install, I finally found the way to get it done.

The HP Spectre x360 has an embedded operating system loader that has some additional security features for laptops. I tried a few bootable USB drives with Windows 10 v10074 copied for the installation. None of them worked and they all gave me the following error:

The selected boot device failed. Press to Continue.

I discovered that you need to a USB drive formatted with the Fat32 file system and also keep it on the small side. I tried a 64Gb and 128Gb USB 3.0 drives and they did not seem to work for me. It the end I used a Corsair Flash Voyager 16 GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive CMFUSB2.0-16GB. Many of the tools that you can find to create a bootable Windows USB drive will only create it with the NTFS file system. I created the USB drive by hand using the following steps:

  1. Open a Command Prompt with Admin rights
  2. Open the disk management utility. This can be opened by entering the command diskpart.
  3. Display the connected disks with the “list disk” command
  4. Select the USB drive you want to use from the list in step #3. Enter the command “select disk #”
  5. Clean the USB drive with the clean command
  6. Create a bootable partition with the “create partition primary” command
  7. Select the new partition you created in step #6 with the active command
  8. Format the drive with the “format fs=fat32” command
  9. The drive is set up and you just need to copy the Windows 10 install files. Make sure you have the bootmgr.efi so the HP bootloader can find it.
  10. You should also grab the drivers from the Windows blog’s Get Started with your HP Spectre x360 from Build 2015 post.
    1. BIOS (F.11)
    2. Intel Chipset Installation and Utility Driver (10.0.22)
    3. Intel Rapid Storage (
    4. Realtek High Definition Audio Driver (6.3.9600 RevB)
    5. Intel Virtual Buttons Drive ( – Required for Continuum auto-prompt display
    6. Intel Serial IO Driver (
    7. HP Wireless Button Driver (

That should be it! Let me know if you have feedback or questions.

15 thoughts on “Installing Windows 10 Clean on a HP Spectre x360 from Build 2015

  1. Have you had any issues with the video drivers? I was not able to find any that installed properly to give the best effect. The video when no driver is installed seems slow and tears the screen a lot with any fast movement.

    1. I have not had any issues with the video drivers. I am having quite a bit of issues with Chrome on Windows 10 with videos. It is an issue with Chrome not with the video drivers.


    2. I installed Windows 10 Preview on a retail model of the Spectre x360 using this guide. The link for “Intel Chipset Installation and Utility Driver (10.0.22)” from the article appears to install a video driver for the display. However display brightness control isn’t working for me. Has anyone else noticed this problem?

  2. Does it support features of windows 10 like windows hello ? as i am considering buying spectre x360 but i want a laptop supporting windows 10.

    1. My Spectre from Build 2015 is telling me I need to update Windows 10. The automatic update fails and when I try the manual upgrade it asks for a product key. Anyone know what to do?

  3. Hi,
    I have changed my spectre’s drive to a SM951 AHCI one. Now I cannot install any windows.

    I have switched to legacy mode boot in bios, and the usb loads veeeeeery slowly the OS until it prints my drive as unalocated space. Whatever I do from here, it gives an error. New partition, Next, what so ever.

    Windows 7 is not compatible with spectre system some ACPI error. I could try linux but I am afraid I will end up exactly in the same spot.
    Do you know anything about this weird problem? I have been banging my head for 2 days now. I read all the blogs and forums I could find.

  4. I installed windows 10 clean on windows 10 home edition. And I ended up with the home edition again… I had to install al drivers again and programs too. I found out when I wanted to rename and domain join the system.

    1. I know of no way to downgrade a Windows install from 64 to 32 bit other than reinstalling Windows with a 32 bit version.

      1. I had also thought so, But there are obstacles when running from a usb drive.
        File bootefi.mgr on USB Drive unworkable and secure boot in the bios re-enable itself after disabled.
        So if the laptop is indeed able or support the 32 bit version?

  5. good day,i use hp spectre x360 8th generation and hard drive crash,i also have window 10 booting to install on it but when i press f9 to select boot sequence, the cousor keeps rolling,what should i do thanks.

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