I am a software developer for almost 20 years and when I got started in the business back in the mid-90’s I wrote business apps and really bad HTML web pages. So most of the business apps I wrote did not look good. We really did not have much mandate from the stakeholders to make pretty apps… just get them working and make them fast on the old computers of the day. So we would do a lot of thinking on the backend side of the apps because we were starting to use the new relational databases that were new for most enterprises. See before then most databases were either on mainframes or used flat-file storage like Paradox or Dbase. So we were excited about really having a great tool were we could store our data and do great things with designing relationships between tables, writing stored procs/functions to help developers not to have to do a lot of work on the desktop computers (which were slow) and finally writing software to only pull/push data across the slow network connections used by businesses and users. Jump forward maybe in the last few years and I started seeing a new pattern emerge in software development with the rise of mobile apps. The same issues that we all had back in the beginnings of my career were challenging us. The problem was no one wanted to talk about it. Everyone was so busy with UX! I love UX and enjoy having a great looking app as much as the other guy but I also know that great UX on a slow underdeveloped app is like lipstick on the pig. That is when I came up with my new term to discuss called Data Experience. I even got caught in the trap. I wrote my first Windows Phone app and was called out by some friends that asked why my app called to get the same data over and over. My app also did not do a great job with data projection to only get data that was critical for the current state of the app. This got me thinking an pondering on the subject and wanting to get this out. The end is that UX needs DX and DX needs UX. They should go hand in hand when a team is designing a new app. The issue is that everyone wants to work on the sexy side of the project and sometimes the boring data gets forgotten only to come back later with very dire results. DX is much more expensive to fix in an app than UX after the an app has reached a market.

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