I am still riding the adrenaline rush from yesterday. The last few weeks have been crazy getting ready for the event. At 7:00AM when the organizers and volunteers showed up to set up, I was just hoping that a few people would show up. I slipped back to get the food out and when I came back to the registration area there was a line over 30 people long. One thing that was disorganized was the registration. We had printed out 2 lists of name tags and it was difficult to get people quickly through the line. That will be solved next year. But after we got through the bog rush all settled down and things went as smooth as I had hoped. We had so much great help and even some of the attendees (especially NuSoft coworkers) lent a hand to keep things moving along. Brian Partin did an excellent keynote on the future of software development and architecture. His idea of adding another layer into the traditional layers of software architecture (data, business logic, presentation) to allow collaboration was very interesting and one area that I will begin researching. Before and during the keynote we had muffins from Costco. They were excellent and a big hit. I did not get a change to attend any of the sessions. I did pop my head into a few and see the numbers for attendance. From the feedback we received, all the sessions were great and the speakers did an excellent job teaching and also entertaining. I even had a difficult time recommending to people the sessions they should attend. If I was attending I would have a hard time choosing. Lunch went well. We went on the cheaper side and bought pizza. To save a little more cash, we even went and picked the pizzas up. Makes a difference on the food costs. Lunch went smoothly and people got a breather and networked. The afternoon sessions also were attended well and the hours flew by. I did get to talked to many of the speakers in the room we set aside for them to hand out. Final numbers were around 140 people total. Great turn out and I thank all the people who came out and enjoyed the day with us. We will definitely have a second annual West Michigan Day of .NET in the late winter. We will be working closely with the Day of .NET in Ann Arbor team to make an organization that covers all Day of .NET events in Michigan. I want to thank the following people: Organizers: Bruce Abernethy, Doug “Mac” Fowler and Kim Welch Volunteers: Shane Jordan, Kevin Shultz and John Hopkins Speakers: Brian Partin, Jim Holmes, Drew Robbins, Josh Holmes, Chris Brandma, Martin Shoemaker, Dan Woolston, Craig Lutz, Dave Truxall, Joel Ross, Steve Schofield, Brian Cecile, Joe Kunk, Josh Holmes, Dan Hibbitts, Jim Wilt, Paul Kimmel, Patrick Gryzan, Brice Abernethy, Brian Anderson Sponsors: Kforce, N-VINT, telerik, NuSoft, Palm

2 thoughts on “Wrap Up — First Annual West Michigan Day of .NET 2007

  1. You and the other organizers did a heck of a job yesterday, Chris! The event was well-planned, well-executed, and a lot of fun to participate in.

    Many kudos to all!

  2. Jim — Thanks for all the guidance along the way. You and the Ann Arbor guys helped me more than just ideas but also with your passion. Thanks again.

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