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I don’t understand Microsoft these days

I was up this morning reading about TypeScript and getting some knowledge around it while also getting ready to kick off a new Windows Store app project for a client this morning. It just is amazing how Microsoft really does have dissociative identity disorder and how this causes the community (including myself) to scratch our…
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Thanks Microsoft for the Visual C# MVP Award

I was awarded for the 5th year (not concurrent with a 3 month gap between the first and second years) as a Microsoft MVP. I was moved from the Data Platform Development group to Visual C# and could not be more happy about the move. I have a lot of friends both in the C#…
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I need to give back more than I am taking

I was having breakfast with my great friend Patrick Foley catching up after a few weeks between our “weekly” meal. Patrick always brings something to me regarding work, career and/or life. We discussed a lot of things but one thing stuck with me. I will reference his blog post here but his message is to…
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