Woody has a passion for building well-architected web applications which streamline processes, extend capabilities, and enable businesses, consumers, and organizations to connect in new ways. When commercial, off-the-shelf software doesn't fit the bill, Woody helps businesses create the tools they need to compete. Woody brings experience in front end HTML5 web development as well as RESTful Web Service solutions.


REST APIs have experienced an exponential increase in popularity and usage in the past few years. Not only are REST APIs an important tool for web developers, they are also becoming an effective marketing tool for many types of businesses. Design advantages include ease of integration and development, including working well with mobile applications and Web projects. Woody can help you learn how to develop and consume RESTful services, teach you the principals and best practices for developing REST services, and provide insight on why you might want to use RESTful services.


Comprehensive software approaches for Research and Development initiatives are demanded in today’s dynamic economy. Woody's experience with today's most advanced technologies will maximize your organizations path and vision to maximize potential.


Woody will help you assess your business goals and objectives to identify areas where the cloud can be a valuable and appropriate resource. Strengths of the cloud will be mapped with business and application needs in order to identify the most significant areas of value. Once these key strategic areas are identified, systems and applications will be assessed for cloud viability. Each application will be planned for and modeled in order to ensure that all relevant factors are considered before migrating to a cloud-based environment. The result will be a strategic plan which guides your organization so that you may leverage the benefits of cloud computing while minimizing the downside risks.


Get on track for increased sales growth, customer retention, and highly effective communication by empowering your business with a mobile platform. Woody's experience covers the following:

  • Application Development
  • Architecture
  • Profiling and Optimization
  • Front End Development
  • iPhone/Android/Windows Phone Custom Solutions using Xamarin


Data Modeling, as well as understanding the influx of information found in increasingly complex solutions, requires an in-depth understanding of your business along with sophisticated databases that are robust, reliable, and rapid. Woody's 20 years of experience covers database architecture, data modeling, conversion and migration from your legacy data repositories to developing world class data solutions with RMDB and NoSQL.